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Welcome to class 3

Summer term 2021

We are looking forward to an exciting, inspiring and engaging summer term. Please take a look at the medium term plan.



 Home/ School work

 Carrie's War 1

Carrie's War 2

Carrie's War 3

Holes 1

Holes 2


 Y6 extra work

Y6 extra work 2

Y5 extra work

Pupil's can also research their inspirational individuals, preparing a written report as to why they inspire them. They need to think about the features of a non fiction text.

They can also research the countries of India and Iraq which were the places Dr Fraser visited and spoke to Class 2 and 3 about. 


Remember to keep looking at the Grammar Revision for Year 6 which you will find under School information. It's never too soon to start some revising!
Pupils are expected to read at least three times a week and have their reading record signed by an adult. Children who have a reading journal are expected to write a detailed account of their reading each week.
Pupils also have spellings to learn and put in sentences along with work set by Mrs Garthwaite each Wednesday- usually maths based.


If you ever have any queries however small please do not hesitate to contact either class teacher.


 In case you have a spare few moments below are some links to flashcards which can be printed to help with Class 3 spellings. Some are highlighted to help remember patterns or segment words- pick the one you think suits you.

There is also a link to a spelling website with various games. I have added our spellings to the link below, so if you have time for extra practice have a go.


Spelling games I enjoyed missing letters, scramblers and spelleriums. Let me know what you think.

 Spelling list 1

Spelling list 2


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