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 Welcome to Class 2 

Summer 2022

Welcome to the Summer term!

The year is flying by, we hope you have enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter break.

Please find below our plans for this term. Our new reading challenges and journeys continue to be a success and we will carry on with these over the summer term; it's fantastic to see the children exploring new books and genres each week. 

Design Technology 

In DT we are learning about pneumatics, designing and making our own rockets. Here is Ebony with one she made at home!

Ebony's rocket consists of a plastic bottle, stopper, washers and a bicycle pump connector. In the video, Mrs. Sutcliffe helps Ebony to pump air into the bottle which also contains water... watch how far it goes!

Below are the other children of Class 2 at various stages of design. We will be continuing with our models in the coming weeks.

In the video below are Emily & JJ with their finished model (Thanks to Miss Luckett for her help too!)

Topic:- Ancient Greece


For our topic this term we will be learning all about Ancient Greece!

The children have already started learning about the Geography and History of Greece, and drawing comparisons between modern Greece and Ancient Greece. This learning will be expanded upon in the coming weeks.

The pictures above shows our wonderful Ancient Greece display.

The children of Class 2 have done some amazing work so far and more will be added to our display soon.

Our display will be full of interesting facts and articles as we learn more about this fantastic civilization and period in time.


Here is our display of common French words which will help with our learning and understanding of this wonderful modern language, as we learn to use phonics related to countries, food and animals.


In English, we will be learning about play scripts with Mrs. Garthwaite.

This is the start of our display and Mr. Allan's favourite play is Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. During this term, we will be learning how to read and understand play scripts, as well as learning how to accurately make our very own!

We will be adding more to this display very soon as we learn

Here is the stunning Hokusai artwork that we did in class last term

Hokusai, was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter and printmaker of the Edo period. Hokusai is best known for the woodblock print series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji which includes the internationally iconic print The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The Quirky Corner / Reading

The Quirky Corner is our cosy reading area within Class 2 which is full of all manner of cool, fun and classic books for the children to enjoy.

On the walls are some teacher recommended books which the children may decide to read.

We began using our reading den regularly last half term and we will be continuing our library sessions, so please remember to bring your books in on Wednesdays so that you are able to exchange them as we are constantly stocking the library with lots of new and exciting books

We have also been working on developing green fingers recently, as the children have planted onions, potatoes, peas and beans. We look forward to harvesting these and planting additional vegetables this term. If you have any spare seedlings we would be grateful of any donations

Please can pupils have PE kit in school each week- we will be going outside for as many sessions as possible. The children have just started Cricket sessions as their PE activity for this term.

As the weather becomes warmer, please send hats and sunscreen as you feel appropriate. Children should also have a water bottle in school each day.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the office or on Class Dojo. We look forward to another successful half term and sharing more about our class and learning with you soon.

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